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Castle South Middle School9

Newburgh, IN | Warrick County


October 29, 2013

Have lived in this area over 30 years. I have children in CSMS & what a disappointment it has been. Most of the teachers send home the schoolwork and the parents are the ones doing the teaching. It amazes me the amount of weekend work that is given. The amount of money you spend on projects. These teachers are being paid to teach and supervise our children. If they were, there would not be a need for bully tip lines and things as this. It amazes me that it still matters who you are as to how you are treated. That is sad and makes it very uneasy. Teachers should be in the classroom not in the halls. In the lunchrooms not on breaks with friends. Mold and make these kids walk the line. It's everyone's future!!! Would I pick this school No!!! Even when reports are given they fall on deaf ears. It's going to take something really terrible to happen before changes are made with the teachers and the out of had behavior. You have to realize. The area you are picking to live is an area of parents who want their child to do well so CSMS may look like they are doing a great job when many times its the parents working late hours with that child because the teachers did not do their job.

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September 29, 2013

CSMS is an outstanding student centered school! Expectations for achievement are high and the highest academic standards are held for students and staff! ECA programs are strong especially in vocal music, drama, and instrumental music. Great parent involvement and support enhance the strong teaching staff!

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June 16, 2012

i have knew a lot of good people and good teachers who have went here.

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